Women in Construction Leadership Boot Camp

Women In Construction Leadership Boot Camp

May 1-4, 2016 | The Nature Place | Florissant, Colorado


The Boot Camp Mission: To rally, engage, and empower the women leaders of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to accept full responsibility for the generation of their own careers, futures, and lives.

Why Attend? This "Boot Camp" experience is your opportunity to explore and discover the unique challenges and opportunities facing our industry and the built environment today.  Here is where you will leverage your collective experiences and challenges as leaders in the industry which are unique only to women.

Who Should Attend? This Boot Camp is a “Call-to-Action” for individual women in leadership roles in the AEC industries to fully own and embrace their own power—and to learn how to leverage that power in support of their own futures and the future of an industry going through a monumental transformation.

Women leaders MUST take advantage of the opportunities before them and take full responsibility for the potential of their own contributions. The days of waiting to be asked, or waiting to be invited, or waiting our turns is over. The cost to our communities, companies and families in performance, productivity and effectiveness is too great.

Registration Fee

$3200 per person. Includes:

  • Lodging for three nights
  • All meals and daily snacks
  • Three days of workshops and activities
  • Pre-event assessments
  • Post event coaching
  • Workbook and materials
  • Professionally led outdoor activity
  • Post Boot Camp Action Plan
  • Access to recreation (and peace) at The Nature Place

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