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Building and maintaining our country’s roads, bridges, schools and other public resources is one of government’s most important functions. Over the last several decades, however, our government has failed to invest sufficient resources into maintaining this vital infrastructure. These years of neglect have taken their toll, and much of our nation’s aging infrastructure desperately needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Investing in a healthy network of roads and bridges, public transportation and utility systems is vital to a growing economy and the safety of our communities. Making this investment would also mean tens of thousands of new jobs for ironworkers.

The Iron Workers International Union (IW) has been pushing and will continue to push for a major federal investment in infrastructure at every opportunity. This long overdue investment must be a top priority for Congress and the Trump administration.

There is widespread consensus we are in urgent need of a major infrastructure investment, but progress has been repeatedly stalled. On the campaign trail, President Trump made infrastructure one of his top priorities, but his administration and Republican leadership in Congress have been more focused on attacking health care and passing tax cuts for the wealthy than addressing this urgent problem.

The Trump administration released an infrastructure plan that calls for tax incentives to spur private investment, but this alone will not solve our infrastructure problems. Tax incentives may encourage investors to take on profitable projects such as toll roads and bridges in congested areas, but we cannot depend on investors to fund our water, energy and rural transportation systems. These vital systems belong to all of us and are too important to sell off to the highest bidder. We must come together to ensure that all American communities have the infrastructure they need to survive and thrive.

We must continue to work with members of Congress and the Trump administration to ensure our infrastructure gets the funding it so desperately needs and that these projects create safe, good-paying jobs for ironworkers.