Outside Local Union Jobline


  • November 20, 2017

  • Local 848 - Charleston, SC

    Immediate Need for 6 JIW, AWS certified welders. 7018 smaw or NR232 fcaw (wire pays $1 above scale) Must have OSHA 10 or 30 issued within the last 5 years, certs must be through the Iron Worker's CWP and current, will need to pass an IMPACT drug test if you haven't taken one in the last 30 days, safety toed boots. Job starts Monday Nov.27th working 5-10's with occasional Saturdays through end of year, possibly longer. no per diem, scale is $24.50/hr. (goes to $25/hr 1st full week in Dec.) Call 843-552-1554

  • Local 28 - Richmond, VA - IW Welders

    IW's needed - One Week Outage
    Covington, VA 12hr days - Job starts 12/4/17 - Contact Local Union No. 28 at 804/716/2081 (11/20/17)
  • Local 24 - Denver, Colorado

    Local 24, Colorado, needs four (4) certified wire welders, four (4) connectors and four (4) deckers in the metro Denver area and Colorado Spring.  The projects are working 40 hours and there is no per diem.  There is a pre-hire drug test.  Please call 303-623-5386, option #2.
  • Local Union 21 - Omaha, NE

    IMMEDIATELY NEEDED -  JIW with current WCP papers in B1a (232 seismic wire) and structural JIW’s for long term work on a Facebook Data Center.  Job is working 5 – 9’s with an 8 on Saturday.  No Per Diem.  Scale is $28.24 on the check.  If you have current WCP papers in stick or wire (3G & 4G) add another $0.85 per hour. 
    Call the hall at 402-333-0276     (10/27/17)
  • Local 28 - Richmond, VA

    Innershield Welders needed for a job in Richmond, VA - Working 6-10's.
    Please call LU28 at 804/716/2081 for more information.  (10/25/17)
  • Local 28, Richmond, VA

    Structural Ironworkers and Welders Needed. In the Richmond, VA area.  Contact the local for details at 804-716-2081 (10/20/17)
  • Local Union No. 378 - Oakland, CA

    Immediate Need - In need of five (5) D1.8 Welders on Monday, October 16, 2017.  Please speak to Business Agent Jason Gallia about any details on this request. PH- 707-746-6100 (10/13/17) 
    Immediately need Journeyman Rodmen and 232 welders for various projects.  Journeyman scale is $40.00 per hour plus benefgits.  Must be current on IMPACT drug testor able to pass IMPACT drug test.  Welders must have current 232 D1.1.3G/4G certifications.  Qualified Rigging card and OSHA 30 a PLUS.  Contact the local at 707-746-6100. (9/26/17)
  • Local 292 - South Bend, IN

    Local 292 South Bend, Indiana

    One week Shut-down IN/Tek Steel Mill (New Carlisle, IN) Starting Sunday October 22nd - 27th. Needing Welders, fabricators, riggers. $30.05 per hour. 12hrs a day, Days and Nights. Contact BM @ 574-288-9033 (10/16/17)

  • Local 387, Atlanta, GA

    need 30 Ironworkers, Arc Gougers, Welders, and Miscellaneous craftspersons. Must pass onsite Drug Test.  4- 10’s to 6-10's pre-outage moving into 7-10’s to 7-12’s.  Work thru Mid-December.  Call Shawn or Juan at 404-505-0022.  Social security card, OSHA 10 and SubPart R required (9/26/17)


  • Local 377, San Francisco, California

    Immediately need for Journeymen Rodmen, Journeymen Structural hands, 232 Welders D1.8 Welders and experienced finishers for various projects - Journeyman scale $40.00 per hour plus benefits.  Must be current on IMPACT drug test or able to pass IMPACT drug test - Welders must have current 232 D1.1,D1.8 3G/4G certifications.  Qualified Rigging card and OSHA 30 a PLUS. If interested, please contact the Local at (415) 285- 3880. (7-24-17)
  • Local Union 263 - Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

    Local 263 needs 40 men Structural Ironworkers, Raising Gang, Joist Jigging Gang, Detail Gang, Welders. Must pass IMPACT Drug Test.  50 hours per week changing to 6-10's by the end of May. Work thru the end 2017.  Call Mark or Ron at 817/640-0202. Starting as soon as you can get here! (5/2/17)

Ironworker Facts

  • In its 119-year history, the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers has been led by just thirteen general presidents-Edward Ryan, John Butler, Frank Buchanan, Frank Ryan, James McClory, Paul Morrin, John Lyons Sr., John Lyons Jr., Juel Drake, Jake West, Joseph Hunt, Walter Wise and Eric Dean.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Labor-Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of ironworkers is projected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. The need to rehabilitate, maintain, and replace a growing number of older bridges is expected to drive employment growth, as will the ongoing construction of large projects, such as high-rise buildings. Job opportunities should be best in metropolitan areas, where most large construction projects take place.
  • With the completion of every job, it has been a tradition of the Iron Workers to celebrate with a “Topping Out” ceremony when the last beam of the building or bridge is set in place. The tradition is usually done with a Christmas tree, a flag, and an Iron Workers banner, which are hoisted and displayed on the final beam. Traditionally, the last beam is signed by all the ironworkers who worked on that project, representing both their skills employed and their pride in the completed structure.
  • The first shop local of the International, Local 40 (Newark, N.J.), was chartered in 1902 and was designated as "Inside Architectural Bridge and Structural Iron Workers."
  • Union members earn better wages and benefits than workers who aren’t union members. On average, union workers’ wages are 28 percent higher than their nonunion counterparts.

    While only 19 percent of nonunion workers have guaranteed pensions, fully 78 percent of union workers do.

    More than 84 percent of union workers have jobs that provide health insurance benefits, but only 64 percent of nonunion workers do. Unions help employers create a more stable, productive workforce—where workers have a say in improving their jobs.

    Unions help bring workers out of poverty and into the middle class. In fact, in states where workers don’t have union rights, workers’ incomes are lower.

  • Over 10,000 participants have completed approximately 400,000 hours of training during the 30 years of the Annual Ironworker Instructor Training Program.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 22 percent increase in ironworker employment opportunities from 2012 to 2022.