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Iron Workers Celebrate Signing of Executive Order Expanding Project Labor Agreements

Feb 04, 2022

The Iron Workers celebrate President Biden’s signing of an executive order today to expand project labor agreements on federal construction projects over $35 million. This will be a tremendous benefit to taxpayers and working people across the United States.

Project labor agreements (PLAs) have been used on private sector and public construction projects for nearly a century to standardize the terms and conditions of employment for everyone who works on the project. PLAs help ensure that large-scale projects are completed on time, with the highest degree of quality and in a cost-effective manner. This is a proven method to protect taxpayer dollars and ensure every penny is spent wisely.

By creating a uniform and stable system of labor relations for the covered project(s), PLAs establish various forms of communication and coordination and prevent work stoppages with no-strike, no-lockout and speedy dispute resolution provisions. These agreements help contractors meet deadlines by guaranteeing a steady supply of highly skilled labor, and they give working people peace of mind knowing what to expect on the jobsite.

This executive order is yet another shining example of President Biden’s commitment to stand with American workers. Our union is truly honored to have been a part of this historic moment.

Watch President Biden Sign the PLA Executive Order at Iron Workers Local 5 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

IW Statement of PLA Executive Order

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