Regulatory Assistance With Federal OSHA, State Approved OSHA Plans, and MSHA

I have received many calls and questions from local unions and members who work in states that operate under the provisions of “State Approved OSHA Plans”.  There are 27 states that have implemented their own OSHA Plan.  State Approved OSHA Plans must adopt standards that are “as effective as” the Federal OSHA standards.  However, it is important to recognize that the term “as effective as” does not mean “as same as” and therefore, some State OSHA Plans have adopted variations of Federal OSHA standards.

The Safety and Health Department is also pursuing a new “Iron Workers-MSHA Alliance Agreement” with the Mine Safety and Health Administration.  This new Alliance Agreement with recognize many training programs provided by the National Training Fund.  Following are some of the services and regulatory assistance that I will provide on a frequent basis.  

  • Develop alliance agreements and partnerships with State OSHA Plans.
  • Develop alliance agreements and partnerships with Federal OSHA and MSHA.
  • Initiate petitions for rulemaking for new Federal and State Plan safety standards.
  • Request for official letters of clarification on standards.
  • Pursue consistent interpretation and enforcement of standards.
  • Intervene on workplace regulatory compliance issues.
  • Develop and host industry outreach events at training facilities.