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Course Syllabus

000AA Syllabus TEMPLATE
000AO2 – Doors and Door Systems
000AO1 – Windows, Wall Systems, and Glass Rail
000MT1 – Introduction to Blueprint Reading
000AO3 – Miscellaneous Ironwork
000MT3 – Layout Instruments
000MT4 – Precast Concrete Erection
000MT5 – Advanced Layout and Total Station
000RGC1 – Rigging 1
000RGC2 – Rigging 2
000RGC3 – Introduction to Cranes
000RGC4 – Working with Cranes
000RPT1 – Introduction to Reinforcing Steel
000RPT2 – Placing Reinforcing Steel
000RPT3 – Unbonded Post-Tensioning
000RPT4 – Bonded Post Tensioning
000SAF1 – Scaffold User Training
000SAF2 – Scaffold Erector & Dismantler
000SAF10 – Lead Hazard Awareness Training for Ironworkers
000SAF11 – Lead Worker Training for Ironworkers
000SAF18 – Fall Protection for Construction
000SAF21 – Aerial and Scissor Lift Training
000SAF27– Silica in Construction
000SD6 – History 1 – Organized Labor and Founding the Ironworkers Union
000SD6 – History 2 – The Modern Era – World War II to 2016
000SD7 – Orientation Training for Ironworkers
000SD8 Basic Math For Ironworkers
000SD9 Geometry, Trigonometry and Metrics
000SHP3 – Shop Supervisor Training
000SSE1 – Introduction to Steel Erection
000SSE2 – Erecting Structural Steel
000SSE3 – Erecting Other Structures
000SSE4 – Metal Building Systems 1
000WLD1 – Introduction to Welding
000WLD3 – Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding
000WLD4A and 4B – Shielded Metal Arc Welding 1 and 2
ALL Course Gradesheet
Drug & Alcohol Awareness