Regional Training Centers


Starting October 2002, the National Training Fund (NTF) began conducting Train-the-Trainer classes at three regional training centers (RTC) located in Springfield, New Jersey, St. Louis and Oakland, California. To better serve the ironworker membership the NTF recently moved the east coast RTC from New Jersey to Washington, D.C. 

To register for classes at the regional training centers, please follow the steps below:


1. The RTC registration process has changed and as of June 30, 2020, all RTC registrations must be made using the Google forms link provided to all coordinators via listserv.

2. Coordinators must fill out a separate registration for each student attending. The registration link can be accessed via local apprenticeship coordinator. 

3. Registrations must be submitted using the link four weeks prior to the first day of class. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this requirement.

4. Classes may be canceled if there are not enough participants. Dates of classes are subject to change at the discretion of the NTF office.

• AWS/CWI Prep                             Monday, January 11 (30 days) 
• OSHA 511 (videoconferencing)    Tuesday, January 19- Friday 22
• OSHA 510  (videoconferencing)   Tuesday, February 23-Friday 26
• AWS/CWI Prep                             Monday, March 15 (30 days)           
Benicia, California
• OSHA 510                                    Tuesday, March 8- Friday 12     
• High Angle Rescue TTT               Tuesday, March 16-Thursday 18   
• Scaffold TTT                                 Tuesday, April 13-Thursday 15       
• OSHA 500                                     Monday, April 26-Friday 30             
• Lead/Silica TTT                             Tuesday, May 18-Thursday 20             
• Advanced Layout Instrument        Monday, June 7-Friday 12   
• OSHA 510                                     Tuesday, November 1-Friday 5             
• IW Cert Rigg & Signal Proctor       Monday, November 8-Friday 12
• OSHA 500                                      Monday, December 6-Friday 10     

Washington, D.C.
• Advanced Layout Instrument         Monday, March 1-Friday 5                 
• OSHA 500                                      Monday, March 22-Friday 26               
• IW Cert Rigg & Signal Proctor       Monday, May 3- Friday 7                         
• Haz Waste Worker (40 hour)         Monday, June 7-Friday 11                       
• IW Rigg & Signal Proctor               Monday, Sept. 13-Friday, Sept. 17   
• Haz Waste TTT                              Monday, September 13-Friday 17       
• OSHA 510                                      Tuesday, September 21-Friday 24       
• High Angle Rescue TTT                 Tuesday, September 28-Thursday 30        
• EM 385 Fall Protection TTT           Monday, October 11-Friday 15                   
• OSHA 500                                      Monday, October 25-Friday 29             
• Confined Space TTT                      Monday, December 13-Friday 17         

St. Louis, MO
• OSHA 501 (General Industry)        Monday, March 1-Friday 5                     
• EPRI Proctor                                  Monday, April 19-Friday 23                   
• OSHA 510                                      Tuesday, May 11-Friday 14                   
• IW Cert Rigg & Signal Proctor       Monday, May 24-Friday 28                     
• OSHA 500                                      Monday, June 14-Friday 18                   
• EM 385 Fall Protection TTT           Monday, June 21-Friday 25                     
• High Angle Rescue TTT                Tuesday, June 29-Thursday, July 1       
• Advanced Layout Instrument         Monday, September 27-Friday, Oct. 1
• OSHA 510                                      Tuesday, October 5-Friday 8             
• EPRI                                               Monday, October 18-Friday 22           
• OSHA 500                                      Monday, November 15-Friday 19       
Students must attend videoconference courses using Zoom. They will need the following:

A laptop or desktop computer (preferred) that has keyboard, video camera and microphone capabilities (a tablet may be used but not recommended). Smartphones are not acceptable.

Internet connection: broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE not recommended).

2-way audio: speakers and a microphone: built-in or USB plug-in or wireless (note: students can use the microphone and speakers built into a laptop or desktop computer. Headphones and/or earphones with a microphone are recommended.)

2-way video: built in or USB plug-in video web camera (note: students can use the video camera internal to their device or use external device).

PDF viewer on their device.

An additional device with video capabilities is required for courses with test requirements (OSHA 510, OSHA 511, OSHA 5410, OSHA 500, OSHA 501, OSHA 5400).

Contact information:
Jenna Beeson
Ph: (202) 383-4862