Eric S. Waterman Scholarship

The application process for 20​21-2022 school year is open, with a deadline of May 15, 2021.

Below is information helpful in determining eligibility of a student to compete for the Eric S. Waterman scholarship.  Please review this information prior to beginning your application. 


Scholarship awards are competitive and an independent committee of judges comprised of admissions specialists and university professors will determine winners. Sons and daughters of ironworker members, who meet the following eligibility criteria, may compete. Once awarded, scholarships are renewable for three additional years provided recipient continues to meet academic and other eligibility standards.

Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are open.


(Effective September 1, 2016)

  1. Only sons and daughters of Iron Worker members (or deceased members who were in good standing at the time of their death), who are presently in their senior year of high school, are eligible to compete.
  2. Applicant must be a child, stepchild, adopted child or court-appointed custodial child of a member of the International Association, who is an active member with five or more years of continuous service at the time of their child’s application, unless the member is deceased and was in good standing at the time of death. Grandchildren are not eligible to apply, except in the case of court-appointed custodial grandparents. 
  3. Applicant shall submit a completed application within the specified deadline. The deadline for accepting applications may be extended at the discretion of the scholarship committee.
  4. Applicant should rank in the upper half of his or her graduating class.
  5. Scholarship awards are competitive and will be based on:
  6. In judging scholarship applications, the committee of judges shall select a list of alternates. Such alternates shall be eligible, in the order of their selection, for the scholarship in the event the student selected is unable to accept a scholarship award at the time of initial selection.
  7.  A scholarship winner may attend any accredited college or university in the United States or Canada and must be enrolled in a full-time program leading toward a degree.
  8. Scholarships will be awarded for one year and may be renewed for three academic years following the academic year for which the original scholarship was awarded. The scholarship committee on the basis of recipient’s academic record and conduct will determine whether or not a scholarship shall be renewed.
  9. Awards will be made payable to selected recipient and mailed to the home address unless specifically directed otherwise.
  10. The recipient’s parent or guardian must remain in good standing in the International Association for the duration of the scholarship. Award payments will only be made after verification that recipient’s parent or guardian is in good standing with his or her dues payments. No scholarship will be awarded, including annual renewal, unless member’s dues are current.
  11. If the scholarship recipient’s schooling is interrupted by illness, military service or for any other reason, the continuation of said scholarship will be at the discretion of the trustees.
  12. Prior to changing schools, the scholarship recipient must secure approval of the trustees of the scholarship fund to ensure continuation of the scholarship.

Now Open: The Eric S. Waterman Scholarship for 2021-2022 School Year

Please note: Applications are saved under the user name (email address and telephone number) and updated as each page is completed. If it becomes necessary to close an application prior to completion, candidates can log in using the same email address and phone number used to begin the process to complete further aspects of the application. Once the application is complete and the “submit” button has been selected, the first phase of the application process is complete. Any additional changes, additions, updates, etc. must then be sent by email to

After the student portion of the application has been received, reviewed and approved, an email will be sent requesting the Secondary School Report Request Form be given to the principal, guidance counselor or academic advisor for completion. Along with this form, SAT/ACT scores (U.S. students only), high school transcript, letters of recommendation, etc. should be returned by the school representative to

You may begin the electronic application process by clicking here.

Any questions? Please contact the Scholarship office at (800) 368-0105, Ext. 841 or