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Bernie Evers


Bernard “Bernie” Evers Jr. of Local 15 (Hartford, Conn.) has been a dedicated and loyal ironworker in the field and as an officer. A Boston native, Bernie began his membership in 1981 in Local 7 (Boston) and gained journeyman status in 1984. He served Local 7 as vice president, president and business agent/organizer. Throughout his career, Bernie has been a tireless advocate for workers, not only in the Iron Workers International, but in the open shops as well. Bernie became a general organizer in 2000, and later that year was appointed the executive director of organizing. He developed the A.C.E.S. (Analyzing Construction Employers Strategically) course, where local union officers receive training in strategic organizing. As an organizer, he developed programs to meet the needs of a changing industry. These programs resulted in organizing campaigns that helped workers unionize open shop contractors and provided thousands of unrepresented workers with the opportunity to join the union. In July 2012, Bernie was appointed as the chief of staff/executive assistant to the general president. Bernie continues to serve as executive director of organizing. Chief of Staff/Executive Assistant Bernie Evers was appointed general vice president, effective September 30, 2013. General President Eric Dean appointed Bernie Evers general treasurer effective July 1, 2015. General Treasurer Bernie Evers stepped down as general treasurer effective March 31, 2018. General President Eric Dean appointed Bernie Evers as general vice president effective April 1, 2018.

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