The Department of Apprenticeship and Training and The National Training Fund oversees, coordinates, and manages the education and training programs that provide our members with knowledge and skills ranging from the basic to the very advanced. This Department's mission necessitates interaction with the International, Local Unions, Local Joint Apprenticeship Committees and Trade Improvement Committees, and various other organizing bodies to ensure that our outside local and shop members in the United States and Canada receive the comprehensive and effective education and training that will enable them to carry out their work safely and efficiently while meeting the highest standards of quality.

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The mission of Ironworkers Apprenticeship and Training Department is to ensure that our union ironworkers have the skills, knowledge, and training necessary to be safe on the jobsite, competitive in the workplace, and satisfied in their careers.

We accomplish that mission by providing training and training materials, leadership, and accreditation in order to uphold union values and the principles of service and professionalism.

We stand for:

  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Unionism
  • Professionalism

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