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President Biden signed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into U.S. law in November 2021. This law includes trillions of dollars to fix, replace, upgrade and expand U.S. roads, bridges, ports, drinking and wastewater systems, energy grid and more. Strong worker protections – including Davis Bacon wages and a crackdown on employers who break the rules – throughout the entire bill means our union's high-road contractors will have a strong shot at securing the market and organizing workers in emerging industries like wind and solar energy. 

Investing in a healthy network of roads and bridges, public transportation and utility systems is vital to a growing economy and ensuring our communities' safety. This investment also means many thousands of new jobs for ironworkers. Not only does this bill create good jobs in communities across the United States, but it protects our families and our future by ensuring our infrastructure can keep people, goods and services moving safely.   

Building and maintaining the U.S. roads, bridges, schools and other public resources is one of the government's most essential functions. After years of neglect and unfulfilled promises to address the our crumbling, outdated infrastructure, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act couldn't have come at a more perfect time to help Americans get back to work rebuilding our economy. 


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