Get Organized


The moment unionization comes up at work, there’s likely somebody with management who tries to tell you that unions are bad.

Don’t listen to ‘em.

For decades, employers have been killing unions. And as that’s happened, wages have been cut. Insurance and retirement plans have disappeared.

The Iron Workers tries to give you the good life. Every union contract is different, from local to local and company to company, but if you join the union, you can typically expect:

  • Higher wages
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • A defined benefit pension and/or an annuity fund—not just a 401(k)
  • A grievance procedure, so there’s someone advocating for you if you have a conflict with your employer
  • Greater career opportunities—joining the union not only provides you great training opportunities, but it gives you the chance to become a local president, business manager, organizer. Unions are vital for civic engagement, and joining one will allow you to become a community leader

Want to fight back against the forces that have made middle class living harder and harder? Organize your workplace. The more unionized businesses there are, the more Iron Workers can change the industry—and North America.

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