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Fall protection remains one of the Iron Workers' deadly dozen hazards and part of the ZERO Incident Campaign. Incident trends and reports related to falls reflect the incorrect use and installation of various types of fall arrest equipment. Foremen play an essential role in recognizing and avoiding fall hazards in the workplace and need training on specific use of new safety equipment.


The course is designed for foremen and supervisors during the steel erection process who review common fall hazard situations and controls. Contractor owners and management representatives are encouraged to participate in the training to view the latest technology, use and methods related to fall arrest equipment in the workplace.


The Iron Workers safety and health department, through a partnership with the 3M™ Personal Safety Division, will provide foremen and contractors with a four-hour training session. Ironworkers completing the course will receive a nationally recognized Fall Protection Competent Person Certification from the 3M™ Personal Safety Division.

Course Topics

  • Brief Regulatory Review 
  • Calculating System Strength 
  • Anchor Types & Connectors
  • Body Harness Support
  • Roles of Foremen & Supervisors
  • Climbing & Transitioning
  • Use of Fall Rescue Plans
  • Horizontal Lifeline Systems
  • Calculating Free-Fall Distance
  • Avoiding Impalement Hazards
  • Avoiding Swing-Fall Hazards
  • Leading-Sharp Edge Situations

The use of the fall protection training structure for hands-on training combined with classroom instruction is designed to provide foremen and contractors with everyday situations that require the proper selection, use and installation of fall arrest equipment. Foremen need to recognize and avoid situations that could provide a false sense of security if the equipment is misused. Fall protection specialists from the 3M™ Personal Safety Division will provide technical information in the classroom and hands-on applications on the fall protection training structure.


August 26, 2021
10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. PDT
Lunch provided at noon


Ironworkers Local 86 Training Facility
4550 S. 134th Place #101
Tukwila, Washington 98168

Registration for this Foremen Fall Protection Training Program is limited to 25 foremen. Contractors are encouraged to participate and register company foremen. 


Contact the IW safety department at or (833) 355-SAFE (7233).

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