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Foreman Training for Ironworkers

The key to quality construction work is having qualified workers do the work right the first time. When ironworkers do the job right the first time, they are seen as being highly skilled and efficient and the employer is able to complete the project on time and under budget. When this happens, both the employer and the union are winners!

The apprenticeship and training department and IMPACT have been implementing a foreman training program. The training package and course are entitled Foreman Training for Ironworkers. With input from NEA, NARSC/NAMOA, AISC, and SCRA, we developed the reference manual containing the following modules:

  • Module 1: The Ironworker Foreman
  • Module 2: Creating an Effective Work Team
  • Module 3: Communication Skills
  • Module 4: Problem Solving
  • Module 5: Documentation and Record Keeping
  • Module 6: Labor-Management Relations
  • Module 7: Planning and Scheduling
  • Module 8: Safety Management
  • Module 9: Quality Management
  • Module 10: Technical Tips for the Foreman

In August and September 2005, three successful pilot courses were held around the country. During 2006 courses were conducted within the IMPACT regions in order to train instructors as well as local contractor foremen. Local union instructors completing the course are now able to conduct this course for apprentices, journeymen and contractor foremen.

Click here for a copy of the Foreman Training Course Syllabus
Click here for a copy of the Foreman Training Course Schedule

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