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Guide for Training Limited English Proficient Students

The National Training Fund and the apprenticeship and training department are excited about this guide describing how local union apprenticeship coordinators and instructors can meet the needs of students for whom English is not their first language. This guide is entitled Limited English Proficient Students: A Guide for Ironworker Instructors and was written by Dr. Mickey Wircenski of the University of North Texas. Wircenski has been working with our annual Ironworker Instructor Training Program and foreman training programs for many years and is an internationally recognized expert in this area.

The contents include the following.

  • Section 1: An Introduction to Individuals with Limited English Proficiency
  • Section 2: Second Language Learning
  • Section 3: Cultural Considerations in the Ironworker Classroom
  • Section 4: Instructional Strategies and Resources for Ironworker Instructors
  • Interviews with Apprenticeship Coordinators
  • Appendix A: Internet Resources for LEP Learners
  • Appendix B: Community Resources
  • Appendix C: Instructional Tools
  • Appendix D: Spanish Vocabulary and Expressions Helpful for Use in the Classroom
  • Appendix E: Constructionary English-Spanish Guide
  • Appendix F: Internet Resources for Instructors
  • References

To download this manual, click on the following link:
Guide for Training Limited English Proficient Students

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