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Qualified Instructor Certificate Program

Qualified Instructor Certificate Program

Each year the National Ironworkers and Employers Apprenticeship Training and Journeyman Upgrading Fund (NIEATJUF) conducts instructor training activities. The majority of these activities are carried out during the annual instructor training program with the primary goal of developing qualified instructors capable of implementing effective ironworker apprenticeship training and journeyman upgrading programs.

In an effort to recognize trained instructors, the NIEATJUF is implementing a Qualified Ironworker Instructor Certificate program. The objective of this program is to recognize those ironworker instructors who have completed specific professional and technical courses as part of the annual instructor training program.

The Iron Workers have a strong education and training system throughout the United States and Canada. The output of this system is a highly trained ironworker able to meet the needs of our contractors and employers. This instructor certificate program complements the Ironworker Apprenticeship Certification Program (IACP) in that both will help strengthen the quality of our apprenticeship programs.

An effective ironworker instructor is one who has up-to-date technical knowledge and skills and who is able to competently conduct classroom and hands-on or shop training sessions. This certificate program recognizes this combination of technical expertise and professional training skills by requiring that the instructor complete a series of courses in each of these areas.

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