Pension Administrators

The portion of the “Reciprocity” site is generally for administrators of benefit funds; however, all participants should be familiar with the reference documents as your benefits may depend on your knowledge of reciprocity.  Generally the documents described below are provided to assist administrators and participants in obtaining information on present and past Iron Worker Pension (Defined Benefit), Health and Annuity (Defined Contribution) Trust Funds.

The information will also provide fund administrators and participants with reciprocal language, interpretations and administrative practices for those funds participating in the Iron Worker Reciprocal Agreements.


1. Local Unions Signatory to the Iron Workers International Reciprocal Agreements

This is a copy of the page found in each directory edition of The Ironworker magazine reflecting each current local union together with basis for reciprocity meaning none (a blank), pro-rata or point of claim (A only) or "Money-Follows-the-Man" (A & B).

2. Iron Worker Reciprocating Funds

The reciprocal local union listing is broken down by local unions or that have collective bargaining agreements requiring contributions to these benefit funds.  The listing also shows local unions whose charters has been revoked and where funds were merged or terminated. Most importantly, the listing by local union of funds also gives you the name, the administrator’s name, address and telephone number of the various fund offices.  

If you find that the information reflected in this listing is not correct, you are requested to call or write or email: 

General Secretary's Office
International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers
1750 New York Ave, NW
Washington, DC  20006
Phone: (800) 368-0105, ext. 820 or (202) 383-4820

3. Reciprocity Agreements, Administrative Examples and Explanatory Documents

The following are copies of the pension, health and pension fund reciprocal agreements together with suggested administrative and explanatory material that was originally developed for each agreement.  In addition, there are supplemental question and answer material that has been prepared to supplement the agreements and administrative documents.
       3(a)  Pension Agreement
This is the method by which all defined benefit plans to reciprocate between defined benefit pension funds either primarily on a pro-rata pension (Part A) basis or on a "Money-Follows-the-Man" basis (Part B).
       3(b)  Health Agreement
This is the method for all health & welfare fund plans to reciprocate either primarily on a point-of-claim basis (Part A) or on a "Money-Follows-the-Man" basis (Part B).

       3(c)  Annuity Agreement
This is the method for all defined contribution plans to reciprocate with each other. The basis is "Money-Follows-the Man."  If this method has been adopted the language contained in the suggested annuity attachment needs to be adopted by the board of trustees as well to provide for a trustee to trustee transfer.

        3(d) Pension Explanatory
This booklet describes the administrative procedures for developing a pro-rata pension calculation (All Part A signatories).  In addition, if "Money-Follows-the-Man" (Part B Signatories) was executed by the trustees, there is suggested language to be used in on the transfer authorization card.

       3(e)  Pension Supplemental Explanatory
This is document was produced to assist participants and administrators in understanding the administration of the pension agreement and is produced in a question and answer format.  In general, it defines those areas that are under the pension agreement and those administrative circumstances that have been left to the trustees of a fund to interpret as they deem prudent. The boomer section will highlight these areas.
       3(f)  Health Explanatory
This booklet describes the administrative procedures for determining whether a point-of-claim (All Part A signatories) transfer to a home fund should occur.  In addition, if "Money-Follows-the-Man" (Part B Signatories) was executed by the trustees, there is suggested language to be used in on the transfer authorization card.

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